Nemesis UVC Tower

High Energy UV-C For Fast Disinfection of Locker Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Workspaces, and More.

The Nemesis UV-C Tower utilizes UV-C lightwaves to kill 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Sanitize small and large spaces up to 40’ x 40’ with a single unit.

With a press of a button, a high-output array of 360º UVC (ultraviolet C) light at a 254nm germicidal wavelength is emitted from multiple Philips radiator’s, effectively sanitizing surfaces in a very effective fast method. The Nemesis™ UVC light damages DNA of bacteria and viruses, rendering up to 99% unable to replicate, thus unable to cause infection.

  • White powder-coated metal structure
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA. Ships from our warehouse in Dallas, TX
  • Portable high output UV-C vertical disinfection tower
  • Uses 12x Philips TUV 55 W HO lamps
  • User control interface via web application via WiFi


COVID-19 Shipping Update: Due to the overwhelming demand for deliveries across the United States, as well as modified practices by our shipping partners to keep their workforce and customers safe, customers should anticipate parcel delays for the foreseeable future. Thank you for being our customer, and we appreciate your support more than ever at this time.

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Product Features

anitized uvc light disinfection for commercial spaces

Effectively sanitizes surfaces, killing 99% of all viruses and bacteria

High quality, durable and robust design is built to withstand the most rugged conditions

anitized tough construction uvc light
anitized safe uvc light disinfection sterilization


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